Our price information for JPY, SGD, USD and IDR is now available on Bitcointicker!

We are proud to announce a partnership with TabTrader.

QUOINE has launched QUOINE PAY, a platform that allows merchants to offer bitcoin as a payment option in Japan, in partnership with E-Context, a top-3 payments aggregator in Japan.

QUOINE trading platform is now fully available on mobile Android via LUXSTACK (

We are very pleased to announce that QUOINE now allows traders to trade in multiple markets using the platform's multi-curency trading feature. Using the their local currency for funding, traders are now able to get exposure to other markets and take advantage of profitable opportunities in all the 10 markets traded on QUOINE.

QUOINE releases a new feature for its advanced trading platform which allows the use of bitcoin as collateral on its Margin trading facility. Individual traders and companies with stocks of bitcoin are able to take a view, long or short, on the direction of the virtual currency thus enabling hedging or profit-taking while retaining their stocks in QUOINE's secure wallet.