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QUOINE Dashboard Updated with New Features!

10/25/2016 -

Position Net-Out, Layouts, and Themes.


Our current trading dashboard has been updated and now includes some new features that we believe will help personalize the dashboard to your liking as well as further facilitate trading actions!

New features include:

- Position net-out: This is a new trading mode, available in margin trading. When this mode is chosen, newly taken positions will cancel out, or "net-out" with the oldest opposite position(s). For example, if you have two open long positions, one for 2 BTC and one for 3 BTC, and then start a new short position for 1 BTC, this will "net-out" with the long 2 BTC, resulting in one long position for 1 BTC. The long position for 3 BTC stays unchanged.

- New layout and theme options: Users can now choose between three different layout types and five themes. Dashboard blocks (chart, orders, balance) can also be moved to different positions for better viewing. Layout and theme buttons are located at the top right of dashboard screen.

We appreciate all feedback! If you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]